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Shrinking heads...

...one crewmember at a time.

Dr. David Tinny, Psy. D.
General Information

Name: David Tinny
Nicknames: Tiny, Doc, Greenie, Green Bean
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Unknown. Discovered on small planet in the Rigel system.
Rank: NonCom Counselor. (Petty officer)
Department: N/A
Specialisation: Ship's counselor


Height: 6'5
Eyes: blue
Hair: N/A
Build: Tall and moderately muscular. Long limbed. (Traits of his species)

(note: This is considering what is known by humans about Orion physiology.)

Eyesight: Good.
Hearing: Good.
Physical Health: Good.
General Dexterity: Good.
Handicaps: None.


General: Generally happy. Tries hard to make a good first impression. He enjoys conversation as much as he enjoys sitting back and watching. He likes to laugh at himself and generally has very good coping mechanisms for anyone who comes up against him. He is very passionate and outgoing. He might seem a little naive because of lack of experience but he is aware enough to acknowledge this.

He knows what it feels like to be an outsider and knows that this is the major issue drawing most people into therapy.

Though well-adjusted, there are some things he has to keep in check. He has a bad temper and can have a hard time controlling it. Having the physical attributes to make dangerous use of his temper, he works hard to practice meditation in order to be in control if said temper gets out of hand suddenly.

He is worried about his new position on the Federation's flagship. It was a long road to receive his masters. The work he did on his internship did not reach a scope he feels is adequate in dealing with the personalities that make up a space ship, let alone one that has already experienced such loss.

While enthusiastic in his new position there is a distinct possibility that at some points enthusiasm will be his enemy, making him seem more like a child excited to be playing a game than a psychiatrist with a professional care for his patients. Nevertheless, he's been plunged into the deep end and is keeping a front of confidence until he is genuinely confident enough to go about such a responsibility.

Goals/Dreams: To keep the crew of the Enterprise afloat. To provide a listening ear and to have the knowledge to assess a mental situation if he deems it will harm the patient or others to an unacceptable level. To treat his patients and know when to step back.

Quirks/Habits: He rubs his head in times of nervousness or when he's thinking.

First Impression: Physically intimidating, but all smiles and very friendly.


Education: Has a masters degree in psychology. Interned a year at a California clinic.
Parents: Janette and Eric Tinny
Siblings: Charles "Chuck" Tinny (younger) and Christopher "Gopher" Tinny (younger)

Personal History: When David was an infant he was found abandoned on a planet in the Rigel system. David's foster mother (Janette) was, at the time, working for Habitat for Life on the planet where David's orphanage was located. She was married to David's foster father (Eric). His father was a xenobiologist who had been specializing in life forms in that system.

When Janette visited the orphanage she fell in love with the Orion baby and the couple immediately went about working to adopt David. After an excruciatingly long and complicated process the Orion infant legally became a Tinny and was given the name David.

Shortly after this both Janette and Eric moved back to Earth deciding to raise their son in southern California where they had both grown up and where extended family resided. David had a blissful childhood soured only by peers who didn't understand his species. Building up a defense in being extremely friendly, David survived the bullying by being cheerful to those who countered him.

Janette was a social worker and helped David control anger that developed shortly after puberty. David went on to follow in his mother's footsteps by taking up a psychological field. He received a masters in psychology and after his internship he applied for Starfleet; he was curious about the possibility of meeting others from the Rigel system and other non-humans in general.

He got his feet wet by working with the survivors of Nero's attack on the academy and has now been given assignment on the Enterprise.


Friends: He's made it a point to keep people at a professional level and has not yet made any friends on the Enterprise.
Enemies/Rivals: None.


Sexual Preference: David has experimented in the past and is open to any encounter if it comes up.
Past Relationships: David has had many relationships in the past but hasn't been able to commit to very long. His excitements are wandering and he's unsure about how close he wants to let anyone to the point of having rights in knowing everything about him.
Present Relationships:
None at present.
Planned Relationships:
None at present.

OOC Information:

Player: Green
Played By: Michael Rosenbaum