Shrinking heads...

...one crewmember at a time.

A little about me.
What's your name?: Green

Age?: 27.

Where do you live? Tennessee

Do you have a job?: Yes!

How much RP experience do you have?: 9/10 years. Most often livejournal based rps. I find message boards really hard to keep up with.

What are your feelings about shipping?:  The maritime activity? ;). No, I think it's alright. I've seen some crazy ships in fanfictions that I would have never thought of done so incredibly well and believable that I wonder why it doesn't actually exist in the fandom. I've never been one to play canon characters in rps, though, so I tend to not have much of a personal opinion. But if the players can make the ship believable and not just "oh, you wanna despite it being totally out of character? 

What are your feelings about smut?: It can be and has been done well. I once played in a Cabaret rpg and smut was basically par for the course. It was great, though, because it worked as well as conversation. Each person played out the sexual encounter very in character. And it always seemed to further the relationship.

Are there things you won't RP?: I've not ever had an opportunity to say no to an rp interaction but I don't think I'd role play underage non con encounters. I don't think I'd like to ever role play any sort of excrement fetish. Don't think I'd like to role play any sort of non con encounters either being the victim or the attacker.

Though I go back and forth on whether I would role play the after effects of such an encounter being an attacker that wasn't in control of their facilities. It would almost be intriguing to play an attacker after the fact when they couldn't stop what they were doing. Being sci fi based, perhaps a drug or mind control. The emotional hurdle for the attacker would be just as hard to get through as for the victim in that instance.  

I also really have no desire to play PURE crack. I like cracky role play with a string of plot and development running through; I like my cracky rp with a hint of substance.But pure goofing off outside of aim is not my favorite choice.

What are your favorite things to RP?: My favorite things to rp are probably overcoming obstacle plots. I actually am guilty about the fact that I like hurt/comfort so much. I don't get a chance to play the hurt/comfort scenario very often, if at all. And I have to admit, I like playing the hurt part of it. I often have situations in my head where my character overcomes a physical or emotional obstacle. I'm very...character based when I play rp. I love plots, but I really like character development that comes from them.

I especially like playing plots that show an unexpected side of my character. For instance, Donnie is a freaked out paranoid hypochondriac, but get him in a science situation and suddenly he's calm, collected, and reasonable. Get him slightly tipsy and he's fun and charming.

David is a charming, fun, non assuming guy. But if he gets upset, he can be very scary and uncontrollable. He's also incredibly goofy and childish. And despite the fact that he doesn't like to fight, he's got a natural inclination and a wicked survival skill to fight a good standoff with anyone he sees as a threat to his or someone else's life.

What's something you wished would get RPed more?: I'd really like to see opportunities to put characters in unusual or difficult situations and let them try and get out of them using their skill and discovering skills they didn't know they had. I'd also like to see more conflict between characters other than silent insecurities. And I know that no one wants to be a bad guy in an rpg, but I'd like to see a character do something really idiotic and not think of the consequences and have to face up to that idiocy and lack of moral standing in a way that's realistic and having to get back into good graces with the person around them. I've seen it toyed with but not committed to. I don't think anyone REALLY wants to be responsible for making a huge life changing mistake. But I have a plot with one of my characters that I think I could play out like that.

Are you plot driven?: I find myself being more character driven but I like to play inside plots. A good plot is necessary.

Slow or fast tagger: Steady. And I don't really give six word tags priority. If I have a six word tag that's been sitting there for a week and a main rpg tag shows up chances are that I'll handle the main rpg tag before the six word tag because it holds more importance in my mind.

Who are your active muses?: im_a_donnie and green_psyd as well as au's: lil_green_man, im_a_bnormal (deaged versions); im_a_beck (mirror verse donnie); and green_catus (cat version david).

Your favorite muses to write?: The first two muses are my main muses and the rest of sort of off-shoots. Donnie was my first love and magnified all of my neurosis. David is a coddled second child and helps me center back into my psychologically rational mind. I've lost a little Donnie as I've gone along, but he remains an endearing character who I really love playing when I can find the right jive with someone. I don't really have a favorite.

Contact information? 
It exists and everyone who needs to know knows.


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